Graduated Hoop Earrings

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Made from high-quality gold, these hoops exude luxury and sophistication. The radiant shine of the gold adds a touch of opulence to your overall look, making them the perfect accessory for special occasions or when you want to make a lasting impression.

Hoop Size: 8mm x 15mm

Experience the beauty and durability of 18 Karat Gold Filled. Our pieces are crafted with a thick layer of genuine 18 Karat gold bonded to a base metal, ensuring a long-lasting and high-quality piece of jewelry. Unlike gold-plated jewelry, gold filled hoops do not delaminate or peel, offering superior durability and a lasting gold color. With their waterproof and hypoallergenic properties, these pieces are perfect for everyday wear, providing both style and peace of mind. Elevate your jewelry collection with the enduring beauty and exceptional quality.



Feel free to wear it confidently, even in water! However, for your jewelry to keep it's shine, we recommend removing these pieces when exposed to saltwater or chlorine, as these substances can be harsh on metals. 


For these pieces, we advise keeping them dry and away from skincare products. Remember to remove them before showering, swimming, or coming into contact with lotions and creams.

We take extra care in plating our pieces with a layer of gold that is 20 times thicker than the industry standard, and we also apply a protective coating to prevent tarnishing. Following these recommendations will help prolong the life of your jewelry. As a storage tip, keeping them in a plastic bag can help minimize exposure to moisture in the air.


Over time, Sterling Silver naturally oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. To prevent this, we suggest storing your jewelry in an airtight baggie, and your MaLi pouch works perfectly for this! If your pieces do oxidize, you can easily restore their original shine using a silver polishing cloth.