Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated Explained

Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated Explained

We often get asked what the difference between gold filled and gold-plated is, so we simplified it for you!

What is Gold Filled?

Gold Filled is higher quality than Gold Plated, contains 5% gold by weight and is more durable than gold plated jewelry.

It's made through a pressure and heat bonding process, where two or three layers of gold is melted onto the base metal. These layers of solid gold can be 10K, 14K, 18K or 24K.

Gold Filled is pricier than Gold Plated, making it hypoallergenic and good for every day wear! If cared for properly, your Gold Filled pieces can last years!


What is Gold Plated?

Gold Plated is inferior quality than Gold Filled and contains less that .05% gold by weight. It is a more affordable option due to the thinner layer of gold.

The base layer of Gold Plated jewelry often contains nickel, which can irritate those with more sensitive skin. 

Gold Plated jewelry is made through an electroplating process, adding a very thin layer of gold to the base metal.

It is recommenced to remove Gold Plated jewelry for a longer lasting experience. Unlike Gold Filled that is tarnish resistant, Gold Plated may tarnish after a while.


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